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Organize & Plan

How to get organized with an ADD child: 10 practical solutions!

One of the main difficulties of children with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity) is organization and planning: Tidy up your room!, Don't forget to bring your scarf from school!, Or is your bus pass!, You did your homework!

The list of daily grievances is very long and weighs on relationships within the home. Getting upset is useless, so better put in place a durable crutch...

woman computer thinking about preserving her mental energy to plan her family life
Organize & Plan

How to plan your family life: 8 daily tips!

Because we have a busy life, how to organize and plan your family life on a daily basis? And yes, it's not easy!

You have to manage your boss, your spouse, your mechanic, your dentist, your children, your mother-in-law and so on… So it's better to be square on the organ side. No room for guesswork, life takes care of bringing us its daily lot of surprises!

In order to organize your days, I share with you some tips & tricks from my toolbox to get by.