Subject to how sensitive in a couple or a family, household chores schedule is a source of endless discussion and disputes. Do not waste anymore time, organize and delegate for win time ! Set up a clear planning with all members of your tribe

Planning means taking the time to think in order to be more efficient afterwards. Too often we hear: “I don't have time to organize myself! ". Sure, it takes time to organize and plan, but do you have time to waste time?!

After a point on all the household chores to be done, I present to you my best plans for planning them within your family and implementing the actions that will allow you to breathe. 

What is a household chore?

Definition of yourhousehold appliances : Activities practiced at home for the maintenance or functioning of the family.

And yes, that includes a lot of things!

All household chores for our family

Household chores are endless. To help you break them down and categorize them, here are some categories for everyday tasks. 

Make shopping list and prepare weekly menus
Kitchen chores - Washing the dishes - Planning

The kitchen

  • List races
  • Prepare weekly menus
  • Shopping and storing
  • Make meals / cook 
  • Preparing the table for the meal
  • Tidy up the table 
  • Wash and put away the dishes
  • Clean the kitchen (worktop, sink, etc.)
  • Taking out the trash
Indoor daily household stain - vacuuming
Cleaning & vacuuming while dancing

Interior cleaning

  • Floor sweeping
  • Floor washing (tiles and parquet)
  • To vacuum
  • Clean the windows
  • Clean the bathroom (shower & sink)
  • wash the toilet
  • Clean 
Housework - washing clothes
Raise the basket of dirty or clean laundry


  • Put the laundry in the basket
  • Take down the laundry 
  • Wash 
  • Dry the linens 
  • Fold and iron clothes 
  • Go to dry cleaning
  • Store in cabinets, chests of drawers, cupboards and more
Planning household chores - doing the accounts with a calculator


  • take the mail
  • Classify mail
  • Reply to letters
  • Pay the bills
  • Track expenses and bank accounts
Household task - outdoor & garden - mowing the lawn

The exteriors

  • To mow the lawn 
  • Take care of the plants 
  • Sweep the aisles
  • Redo the paintings
  • Take care of the vegetable garden 

How to organize housework at home: the golden rules of delegation!

Household chores planning - Woman with 10 hands for ironing, cleaning, brooms
Sharing tasks with father child sorting trash cans
  • Never ask the same task to 2 people at the same time!
  • When you ask for something, don't do it yourself.
  • Don't forget to thank and encourage.
  • Start when the children are small.
  • The most thankless tasks must be carried out by everyone in turn according to their abilities.
  • If no one is designated to do a task, it will not be done, for lack of responsibility.
Don't tell people how to do, but what to do. They will surprise you with their creativity.
        General George S. Patton Jr.

Household chores: how much time to devote to it?

parkinson's law

Parkinson's Law 

The work expands until it occupies all of the available timethe more time I have for an activity, the longer it will take me.  

Our time is precious, so it is better to define the time to spend on each task. 

Schedule of household chores - broom & floor cleaning jump for the household

Estimated time for a quick & efficient cleaning

Room 15 min (To be multiplied by the number)
20 min stay
Office 10 mins
Bathroom 15 mins     
Toilets 10 mins  
Cooking 30 mins 

                  Total 1 h 40 (Minimum)

For an in-depth interview, you can count double! More than 3 hours to put everything back in order: get a housekeeper becomes interesting for those who can afford it. 

Pareto's Law

Pareto's law (20/80)

20 % of actions produce 80% of results. It is essential to identify these 20% if we want to be effective. 

Illich's Law better best the best

Illich's Law

The best is the enemy of good. Beyond a certain threshold, efficiency decreases! 

My concrete solutions: The best household chores schedules for the whole family

#1 Magnetic notebooks to put on your fridge to plan your week's tasks / List your shopping and write your menus 

Available and at heart of your family, them magnetic notepads are an ideal solution to share the tasks of the week, make his shopping list and indicate the menu of the week

Everyone is involved, you delegate and the family finally participates!


#2 A KIFEKOI weekly magnetic board for the fridge 

Done participate your whole family in daily activities and register who is responsible for what and when ! This makes it easy to schedule household chores.

Practical, the magnetic board can be placed on the fridge or any other metal surface.   

Erasable and movable at will, it adapts to all situations and all ages! 

Lots of formats exist, so don't miss out! 

#3 A monthly planner to see further!

Distribute your daily activities and tasks over a full month 

Write down your objectives by varying the colors according to the type of task / person in charge or even their importance. 

Make it evolve as you wish over time... 


monthly planner month magnetic board fridge magnet memo soft and flexible

#4 A planning app to write down and share household chores as a couple 

I recommend the app TODOIST to register:

  • daily tasks and goals
  • Share them with your spouse
  • And note when they are done! (Our daily victories!😊)

This app is free and super easy to use.  

Household chores planning - Todoist chores planning app

#5 A free daily and weekly table to print and display

You can download for free and print in A4 format the 2 schedules to fill in for the organization of your household's activities: 1 daily schedule and 1 other for the week.

Weekly household chores schedule - Free - V1

Daily household chores schedule - Free - V1


Household chores are so important in view of the time we devote to them. So taking some time to organize them is not wasted time.

 Do not hesitate to leave me your comments and share your experiences…

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