A quoi bon faire un planning de révision de votre prochain examen (bac / brevet ou autre) diront certain.  Si vous n’avez pas besoin de réviser, Trop fort ! Mais sinon le hasard est il le meilleur guide ? Ado you have time to waste your time?

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Que l’on me donne six heures pour couper un arbre, j’en passerai quatre à préparer ma hache.

Homme d’état, Président (1809 – 1865)

Like a top athlete in search of perfection and leaving nothing to chance, I will tell you quelques règles d’or qui doivent guider votre réflexion sur la réussite de votre épreuve.  Pour atteindre votre objectif et concrétiser votre victoire, quoi de plus indispensable qu’a selection of the best tools to make your revision schedule

Golden rules for your revision schedule or how to pass your exams

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Principles of Laborit: We do spontaneously what requires the least effort and not what is good for us! So plan your reviews and set your priorities!

Procrastination or what does the Laborit principle say?

The human nature may not help in making the right choices to prepare for your exam. Yes, because we will spontaneously prefer: 

  • What we like BEFORE What we don't like
  • What is easy BEFORE What is difficult 
  • What goes fast BEFORE What takes time
  • What we know how to do BEFORE What's new
  • What is urgent BEFORE What is important 
  • What others impose on us BEFORE What we have chosen
Vous l’aurez compris: anticiper, se préparer,  définir des objectifs sont absolument nécessaires pour réussir ses révisions.
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Defining the right revision priorities by subject

1- Evaluate your priorities for maximum points in minimum time! 

Qu’est ce qui est important ? Rien ne sert de passer des heures à revoir un sujet sur une matière avec un coefficient 1 alors que d’autres matières ont des coefficients de 5 à 10 ! 

Do your calculations, predictions and set your low/high/average point target per subject or subject based on your known skills and ease…

Vous évaluerez ainsi le travail à fournir (Nombre d’heure de travail), c’est à dire la distance entre là ou vous êtes aujourd’hui et là ou vous devez aller ! 

2- Detail the list of subjects to be worked on by matter

  • Identify the materials to be worked on
  • List major chapters by subject

3- Plan the difficult and new as a priority in your day before the easy and known

Detail your revision schedule to assess your day-to-day progress and reschedule if necessary

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Supreme guide in your quest for the grail, your schedule should be able to show you the way to success

But be careful because you will have to be ready in time: neither too early, nor tadpole!

To avoid getting lost in the maze of revisions, here are some tips:

  • Do not overload the schedule: our natural tendency is to underestimate the volume of work and therefore the time to carry it out. Plan some margin so you don't get overwhelmed at the last moment! 
  • Be clear and precise! Difficile de se repérer en mer sans phare alors pensez à détailler suffisamment votre planning de préparation pour être capable d’évaluer vos progrès et le chemin restant à parcourir … 

Illich's law: Beyond a certain threshold, efficiency decreases. Plan regular exposure times in your revisions and sleep well!

The time allotted to review should be free from distraction and entirely dedicated to it. This time must be as auspicious and in tune with its natural rhythm. Quelques règles s’imposent: 

  • cut off cell phone during these revision hours
  • Work in a peaceful placee, familiar and comfortable without distraction

Pour autant,  il s’agit d’être efficace. Il ne sert à rien de passer 10 heures d’affiler sur une matière. Working longer is not linearly associated with higher output. 

In intellectual work, work without rest releases mental fatigue that reduces abilities. If it lasts for a long time, emotional symptoms of anxiety, depression, irritability, etc. also appear.

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In order not to reach a very high point of fatigue, according to Illich's law, it is best to constantly alternate work and rest

To this end, Illich proposed the existence of “time boxes”. These “boxes” collect and describe ways to organize time so that performance is affected as little as possible by fatigue.

The three main time boxes are:

  • 2 minute break every 10 minutes of work. Although it may seem short, this time box has proven to generate great efficiency.
  • 5 minute break every 25 minutes of work. It is the most popular and many people recommend it after trying it.
  • 12 minutes of rest for every 12 minutes of work. This is a mode that has proven to be very effective for very mechanical or very unmotivating tasks.
It's up to you to choose and organize yourself for what suits you best. 

The best review schedules are those that help and serve every day!

#1 Magnetic board of my editable week to put on the fridge - Ideal for your revision schedule

Nothing could be easier to plan your revisions:

Register your daily forecast tasks on magnetic boards to put in the center of your kitchen on the fridge. 

Delete and correct without moderation. 

En un coup d’œil, j’ai une global vision de là ou j’en suis et de ce qu’il me reste à accomplir !


The program for your week is clearly displayed and allows you to re-evaluate your revision schedule every day and to modify at will.

#2 Monthly magnet to plan your revisions by subject

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Plan your revisions over a whole month!



With this magnet, planifiez vos révisions sur tout un mois jusqu’au jour de votre examen

To be legible and clear, 1 color per material!

Delete and Reprogram at will...

Sur un mois en un seul coup d’oeil, je vois plus loin et mieux … 


#3 Weekly magnetic paper notepad to put on the fridge

This magnetic notebook is ideal for write down on paper your weekly review schedule and follow it. 

This notebook attaches to the fridge and will be at your fingertips and especially view! 

Adapt your schedule week after week! 


#4 A printable, free and downloadable revision schedule for your A4 exams

You can free download and print in A4 format a revision schedule pre-filled and to be completed to organize yourself.

Enter in the first column the days (2 lines per day) and in the first line, your subjects (Math, History, English, Physics) according to your exam:  One box per subject and half-day.

A vous d’imprimer et de compléter !

#5 The post-it method for the most valiant

Plan your family life - Mom post it to plan her days - agenda for review exam

Si vous avez un grand mur, cette solution est visuelle et redoutable d’efficacité: 

  1. A Post it = a job / a task 
  2. One color of Post it = one material 
  3. Une forme / couleur d’écriture = une priorité haute / moyenne ou basse …
C’est tellement facile, lancez vous … 
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Up to you ! Please let me know your thoughts and experiences... 

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