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WHIBALL French brand for dynamic seat inflated ball with reading pump woman pink Haussmannian apartment interior designer

the observation is simple : we sit for long hours in front of screens for our work or our leisure. 

Are we made for this? No, of course not. 

Staying on a traditional chair is very comfortable but also unsuited to our physiological needs… So is it that is the office ball seat a better solution?  

The human body is not made to stay still and therefore slowly but surely develops musculoskeletal problems (TMS), i.e. neck pain as well as pain in the shoulders or tendinopathies of the upper limbs… 

In addition, the retirement age is slowly shifting and teleworking is becoming widespread. No need to emphasize the importance of sitting at work to stay in shape! 

Be careful, no miracle! The ergonomic office ball seat allows you to keep active even while sitting and thus to keep healthy even at work. It can, in certain cases, present very interesting profits for its activity, his pelvic musculature and all trauma related to prolonged sitting

Numerous studies illustrate this! 

How does the swiss ball desk chair work?

back pain at the buro office desk health MSD
office ball seat screen posture MSD disorder back health

An office balloon chair is above all a large balloon inflated with air that replaces your classic chair. What are the main differences: 

  • The ball has no back rest : you must make the effort to keep it in the right position, 
  • Instability of the sitting position
  • A balloon has no possibility to adjust in height. It will therefore be necessary to choose its size carefully. 
The principle of the ball seat is to force the user to adopt a toned and dynamic posture

By creating mobility and instability when sitting, the muscles of the body are solicited to compensate for it and thus:
  • Work on your balance
  • Strengthen your abdominal muscles
  • Relieve your back pain
  • Tone your body
  • Improve your posture

What are the benefits of a swiss ball for the office? (Occupational health service advice)

What does the occupational health service tell us?

In his excellent article using a swiss ball as a work chair: what are the advantages and disadvantages?" , the occupational health service summarizes the studies carried out on the subject and takes stock of the advantages / disadvantages

The finding

Working on screen seated on a so-called "classic" armchair is at the origin of a sedentary behavior with energy expenditure less than 1.5 times that of rest

This sedentary behavior is the cause of MSDs (Disorders musculoskeletal such as neck pain, shoulder pain and upper limb tendinopathy), mental health, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular pathologies. 

Be careful, the TMS at work have various and multiple explanations : sedentary behavior, prolonged static posture, repetitiveness of gestures, postural constraint of the upper limbs and neck, stress, organization of work, etc. 

Musculoskeletal disorder at work in front of a health posture screen

Reduce sedentary behavior with an office ball chair

The ball seat has proven its usefulness in rehabilitation and to sporting purposes for yoga, Pilate, stretching or the gym.

Now, for work, it brings 2 major constraints compared to a classic armchair:

  1. A dynamic seat
  2. A seat without a backrest
 Thereby, the use of a balloon seat will cause a reduction in our sedentary lifestyle :
  • Increases the activity of the back and thus fights against certain forms of low back pain
  • Promotes standing : the ball seat does not have wheels and it will therefore be necessary to move
  • Puts the movement of the pelvis and therefore diversifies the sitting positions
  • Increase our business in a seated position

The constraints of a swiss ball and the need for time to adapt

Prolonged use of a ball seat tends to generate a discomfort in the first times of use

This is greatly reduced after a few days of use. But it is recommended to use it alternately with a classic armchair during the first days.

whiball office ergonomic ball seat ideal tele work sitting standing health back position tms
The WHIBALL ball seat: Even in a seated position, stay active at all times for your well-being

How is an ergonomic office balloon chair made?

A ball seat is made up of 2 main parts

1- A pvc balloon anti-burst in your size.

The inner ball should be chosen if possible with a minimum thickness providing a minimum of comfort. 

2- A outer cover in robust and resistant fabric to abrasion. Things to check before buying:

  • The fabric should be washable
  • A carrying handle will be very useful for positioning it before sitting down but also for storing it under the desk. 
  • Likewise, a anti-slip system and anti-tipping on the underside will ensure your safety.
  • A powerful zip is essential for an easy closure of the balloon and a long life to it!  

How to choose your ergonomic office swiss ball?

the choosing a ball seat ergonomic for your office or any other use is defined by the following criteria :

  • seat size,
  • The quality of the inner ball,
  • The cover of your balloon,
  • The price.

Criterion No. 1: The size of the office ball seat

WHIBALL French brand for dynamic seat inflated ball with pump reading woman pink Haussmann apartment blue office white trestles

Lat the height of the ball must be chosen in relation to the height of your pool. In a seated position your pelvis should be slightly higher than your knees. In other words, your thighs should be slightly tilted. This allows your body to sit up straight, upright, in good posture.

The seat height of your current desk chair is a good indicator of your ball seat diameter.

The inflation pressure of your balloon will allow an adjustment of a few centimeters of position. 

Criterion No. 2: The quality indoor ball for safety

WHIBALL French brand for dynamic sitting inflated ball with pump reading woman pink Haussmann apartment blue office white health well being sport yoga pilate swiss ball

The inner ball is a classic gym ball which must have the same characteristics:

  • A suitable diameter on the cover 
  • A anti-burst material. Manufacturers have designed balloons with materials that prevent the balloon from bursting suddenly. It's safer !
  • A end cap balloon and a tool to easily remove it... 
  • A hand pump to inflate and reinflate it over time. Attention, it is dangerous to use a standard pump or an electric inflator because these are far too powerful and could overinflate the balloon and damage the cover and in particular its closure.

Criterion n° 3: The cover of the office ball seat - For the design but not only!

WHIBALL French brand for dynamic sitting inflated ball with pump reading woman pink Haussmann apartment blue office white health well being sport yoga pilate swiss ball

The ball cover is an element essential for the quality of the seat, the design and the sturdiness of your office chair! 

Essential things to look out for:

  • The cover fabric : weaving, material, fabric density… 
  • The closing zip : its quality is essential for a balloon that is easy to close!
  • The handle : It is used permanently to move the ball, adjust it to sit down and put it under the desk! 
  • The stabilization system in contact with the ground : It prevents the ball from rolling and sliding… 

Criterion No. 4: The price - It's all in nature!

What makes the price of an office ball seat? 

This is not the Swiss ball (or Klein ball) in soft PVC: Decathlon offers them at prices ranging from 10 euros to 30 euros depending on the size, design and thickness of the material used.

What makes the price of your office ball seat is the textile cover! The more noble and quality the fabric, the higher the price of the ball seat. But count a range of 50 Euros for the most affordable to more than 250 Euros for the most expensive. But for a very good price / quality ratio, 80 to 90 euros will be sufficient.

My selection of office balloon seats

The best quality / price / design choice: The original Whiball office ball chair by Whinat!

The 65 cm diameter ball seat is available in several colors (pink, blue, brown, grey). They are designed by french brand WHINAT with a high quality fabric cover (caterpillar), sturdy with interior felt (sofa type / large hotel) and anti-burst interior balloon.

The price is lower than some brands (Vluv, Bloon) but the quality and robustness are at the same level!

Discover his price.

The cheapest: The gym ball

swiss ball fitness pilate yoga gym gymnastics sport ball inflatable pvc inflator

the gym ball is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment. You can use it for your sports activities at home, at work or on the go. It is suitable for disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, fitness, classical gymnastics, pregnancy gymnastics .

Only big inconvenience :

  • First the aesthetics : in a gym, it's fine! But it's still not crazy as design and color for the office and home! 
  • The lack of coverage that allows to bring firmness in the seat and avoids sagging when sitting down!

The most luxurious: The Bloon balloon

office ball seat bloon paris vluv germany

The Bloon balloon seats incorporates an innovative system for supporting and inflating their ball. The Bloon seat was born from the collaboration by French designer Thomas de Lussac and of the osteopath Kevin Rayess to offer you an exceptional seat that respects your body. Find them here

The alternative: the Tonic Chair type balloon chair

tonic chair sitting ball office desk armchair chair ergonomic stool back health

With its wheels, the ergonomic chair with ball Tonic Chair looks with the functionality of an ergonomic office chair with a dynamic seat. 

But big negative point, the look !!  

Our customers' opinions on the Whiball desk ball chair

GSX-R Independent Review  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

If I compare this yoga/desk ball to my fitness ball, the difference is obvious.

You receive in the box:

  • A pink inflatable indoor PVC ball
  • A washable textile cover with high resistance zipper and a non-slip zone
  • A powerful manual air pump and instructions in French.

The assembly instructions are very simple. Furthermore, there is a assembly video on the WHINAT website.

This ball is great. The fabric finish is qualitative and provides comfort in all areas of use. Excellent for working the abdominal and back muscles.

The blanket can be washed by hand at 30°C.

Independent opinion of Thierry  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Ultra simple installation and inflation in 5 minutes thanks to the double flow pump.
The materials are noble and the execution is impeccable.
The sitting position is pleasant, the back is indeed straight.
I spend almost 10 hours sitting at my desk, the first day I used it twice for 2 hours. I had a very slight lower back strain that didn't come back the next day.
I alternate between my chair and this ball and I am fully satisfied.

Everyone (or almost) wanted to try it. The reactions are numerous but generally positive. It goes from "Wow that's good, where did you buy it?" » in the opinion of the expert who declaims after having tried it for 1.3 seconds « it is absolutely useless… » .

My balance sheet : very positive. This ball seat relieves the back and forces you to have good posture. It's fun! I found myself testing positions (and jumping). It is of very good quality and its cover is washable.
For my part, I alternate with my office chair.

WHIBALL French brand for dynamic seat inflated ball with reading pump woman pink Haussmannian apartment interior designer

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences...


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