" What are we doing ? » ✏ Monthly Magnetic Whiteboard


▶ Type: flexible magnetic board of your month for the fridge + 3 magnetic markers included

▶ To register meals, menus, shopping, household chores, exams over a month

▶ Color: Green

▶ Designed: in France

▶ Dimensions: 42 x 42 cm

▶ Free home delivery in mainland France

▶ Weight: 250g

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Because you have a busy life, we thought of a monthly magnetic board to put on your fridge to organize your month for all your meals (& menu), your appointments, shopping list and your To Do List.

Monthly Fridge Magnetic Board

Simple and practical, this magnet attaches to the fridge or any other metallic wall surface thanks to its magnet.

Plan, delegate and organize your family's daily life 

This monthly planner, written in French, will allow you to organize & plan your family life over a whole month.
Register your appointments, your meals and menus for the week, your shopping list, or even your household chores (dishes, kitchen, vacuum cleaner…), your homework for your exams, appointments.
At the heart 💖 of your home and in your kitchen, everyone will be able to participate, learn and note their needs & actions to be carried out. Finally free yourself from the weight of daily tasks!

With 3 markers that fit on your fridge 

3 dry-erase markers (Red, Blue & Green) with magnet specially designed for whiteboard are included free with the "What do we do" board! They cling to your refrigerator thanks to their magnet!

Monthly magnetic board designed in France 

WHINAT is a French company to help organize your family life. Our products are designed and tested to provide a fulfilling experience for all members of your household (parents, children, nanny, etc.).

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Additional information

Weight 350g
Dimensions 42×42×0.2cm


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