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This customizable desk organizer will be the ideal accessory for storing and organizing your hallway or your office.

Customizable and modular DIY desk organizer 

Composed of 6 modules to arrange as you wish on the board. The elements fit easily into each other. You will be able to store all your office stationery (pencils / markers / scissors / pens / marker / paperclips …) but also the bazaar of your entrance (Keys, change, credit card, watch, tickets, coins, jewelry …)!

Your smartphone at your fingertips and recharge your devices thanks to 3 USB sockets

This customizable desk organizer is composed of a module to put your mobile phone and to recharge 3 devices with USB sockets. You can thus easily receive your calls / messages and during this time recharge your tablet, your mouse, your watch... Gain in reactivity with this organizer!

Organize and tidy up your desk or hallway

No more mess on your desk or your entrance, all your items (pencil, ruler, scissors, marker, criterium, paper clip, magnets, keys, change, card, smartphone) will find their place in this station. It will suit the whole family (parent and children) and for the whole house!

Short summary of the main features

  • Organizer / Desk Organizer / Storage
  • Customizable with 1 top + 6 modules
  • With mobile phone holder and 3 USB charging socket
  • To store all your stationery, watches, jewellery, keys, coins...
  • Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 50cm
  • French brand: WHINAT
  • Free home delivery in mainland France

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Additional information

Weight 700g
Dimensions 30×19×5cm


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